Car Insurance

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  • From Third-party to Comprehensive cover
  • 4 month, 6 month or annual policy
  • Up to 12 interest-free instalments

What type of insurance solution are you seeking for your car?

Advanced Cost-effective, providing third-party cover for you and your car

Total Competitive, providing also fire & theft covers and additional benefits

Total plus Integrated, providing full cover against all risks in major urban centres

Get a quote for your car and check out which insurance policies you can choose, depending on these requirements for the insured vehicle .

Indicative insurance rates for:

  • Driver in Athens
  • 1200cc, 4 year old car
  • 4-month policy
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Choose: Total
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Insurance Requirements

For the insured car
The car needs to:

  • Have Greek registration plates
  • Be fully owned by you
  • Not have been involved in more than 2 at-fault accidents in the last 8 years
  • Be under 20 years old
  • Be valued at under €60,000 today

In Total and Total plus
The car must also meet one of the following:

  • If it is under 10 years old, it needs to be currently valued at under €60,000
  • If it is 10-20 years old, it needs to be currently valued at between €15,000 and €60,000

If your car is under 20 years old, you can choose the optional 'Roadside Assistance' cover instead of the 'Vehicle recovery due to accident' cover.

*These insurance policies are offered in partnership with ERGO Insurance.

**Vehicle circulation without insurance policy is illegal (P.D. 237/1986) and may be subject to severe administrative, civil and criminal penalties.